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Statewide Sleepers, Sydney was established in 2007, are a wholesaler of used timber railway sleepers based in Rossmore, NSW.
We now sell to the public throughout Sydney greater metropolitan area, and can deliver Sydney wide.
Our sleepers are generally cut from Ironbark timber, a quality Australian hardwood. The sleepers that we supply to the public are all 2.4m (8′) long and are available in different quality grades and prices.
We can provide sleepers of shorter & longer lengths on request.
Firewood from the off cuts is available.


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Railway Sleeper Bench Ideas

Recycled railway sleepers also make beautiful rustic outdoor furniture a great additions and a lifetime investment for years to come.

Railway sleepers garden edging

How to build a raised bed with railway sleepers Constructing a raised bed out of railway sleepers is amazingly straightforward.…


See below to see some inspirational work using railway sleepers

Hardwood railway sleepers have long been coveted by builders, gardeners and DIY enthusiasts not just for their highly recognised durability but also for the authentic and sometimes rustic ambience that comes with them. Here in Australia, a large proportion of sleepers were traditionally manufactured from native Australian hardwoods, predominantly Iron Bark, and to a lesser degree Tallowood and Rivergum, but today new sleepers may also be made from concrete. The good news for lovers of timber sleepers, is that now quality recycled hardwood timber sleepers are available to the public and we at State Wide Sleepers have 20 years’ experience in supplying a wide range of sleepers to the Sydney public.

Wooden sleepers that are no longer in use on railways are graded based on their overall condition, with straightness, clean edges and an absence of cracking within the timber being the optimum quality, Grade A, and these sleepers are excellent for all round use in a wide variety of projects. Grade B hardwood sleepers will display some minor defects and their shape will be slightly less regular but these items are still in high demand, whilst Grade C sleepers are definitely more rustic and often used in gardening projects as borders and similar functions where the intrinsic qualities of the timber are more important than perfectly squares angles.

At State Wide Sleepers, our landscape hardwood sleepers in all 3 grades, and appropriate pricing are available in standard 2.4m (8’) lengths for delivery all over Sydney and surrounding areas, but if you are looking for sleepers that are cleaner and available in differing sizes, then we supply a selection of milled sleepers; these are sleepers that have had their rough edges taken off and present as fresher and more aesthetically pleasing to some. But perhaps more importantly, we supply milled sleeper planks and posts in a range of sizes which lend themselves to a far wider range of uses than standard sleepers.

The outstanding durability and resistance to attack from insects makes our well-seasoned hardwood sleepers superb for use in outdoor settings, especially in gardens in creating retaining walls, pathways and benches but becoming increasingly popular is the use of hardwood sleeper cladding, which offers superb protection whilst also creating a highly desirable look to your building. However, sleepers and items created from sleepers are equally at home inside your building, frequently being used in designing unique shelving, tables and fireplaces.

Incidentally, we can also supply hardwood firewood in 300mm lengths, which due to its density burns longer and produces more heat than other firewood and thus is a great choice for your open fire or burner.

At State Wide Sleepers we carry a huge stock of sleepers and are sure that whatever project you may have in mind we will the exact product that you are looking for, and if you require our landscape sleepers in shorter or longer lengths than our standard 2.4m, we are happy to oblige you.

Contact us today for any and all of your reclaimed hardwood sleeper requirements.