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Statewide Sleepers, Sydney was established in 2007, are a wholesaler of used timber railway sleepers based in Rossmore, NSW.
We now sell to the public throughout Sydney greater metropolitan area, and can deliver Sydney wide.
Our sleepers are generally cut from Ironbark timber, a quality Australian hardwood. The sleepers that we supply to the public are all 2.4m (8′) long and are available in different quality grades and prices.
We can provide sleepers of shorter & longer lengths on request.
Firewood from the off cuts is available.


‘A’ Grade

These sleepers are “nice and square”, not worn and mainly ironbark. Minimal cracking. Excellent for all purpose use, garden retaining walls, as dividers or car parks.

‘B’ Grade

A good solid hardwood sleeper with a minor defect on its face or side. Will have some cracking. Very good for retaining walls these railway sleepers are less regular in shape.

‘C’ Grade

Largest range in Sydney we stock Iron Bark, Tallowood and rivergum Railway  sleeper, more rustic but still full length. Mostly used for garden bordering.


Our website reflects our desire for EVERYONE to use railway sleepers for landscaping, construction, & furniture etc… There’s EVERYTHING here that you would ever need to know about railway sleepers! Whether you are planning a raised bed, retaining wall, raised pond or some steps in the garden, you will find that railway sleepers are brilliant to use. Whether you are building a fireplace, coffee table, garden bench or simply a set of shelves you will discover that railway sleepers have the answer to all your creative dreams!
Our recycled railway sleepers hardwood, untreated, short or long, light or heavy,  etc.. there will be at least one railway sleeper that fits the bill! And YES, we have 1000’s in stock & WE LOVE THEM !!